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Real Food and Health is jampacked with recipes. With each release we dedicate a few recipes to be freely available on this website, and if you have a subscription, you can view all recipes online to easily print them. Go to the Reading Library to view more recipes.

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Mary Beth Flemming

Mary Beth Flemming is an avid proponent of healthy living and well-being. She is the founder of Being The Balance: Whole Self-Nourishment program, working to offer tips and tools for living an exciting, vibrant lifestyle. Mary Beth focuses on fun and joyful means to increasing health awareness and personal well-being education. Visit her website at www.beingthebalance.com

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Real Food and Health magazine started as one of the first magazines on the Amazon Kindle, and is the leading digital magazine for the Real Food movement. In addition to providing a magazine for the Kindle and NOOK, this website provides printable recipes for our subscribers, PDF copies of each issue, and full access to all back issues of Real Food and Health! Our authors are experts in their field, and they continue to provide recipes month after month. If you are looking for realistic insight into the food you eat, Real Food and Health is the resource that gathers all that information for you in one spot. Every two months, expect insightful articles and recipes covering topics such as: paleo, vegetarian, GAPS friendly, probiotic, fermentation, farm living, and real simple, real good food. Subscribe to Real Food and Health via the Amazon Kindle or the B&N NOOK, and gain the benefits of the entire real food library!

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Triple Berry Custard Cake


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