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Remember about 10 years ago when the Atkins diet was all the craze? If you think about it, diets have been rampant in our modern society, yet none of them seem to last. At RFH, we grew tired of it. We asked ourselves, what exactly is hurting our society when it comes to food? What is wrong with fats, breads and the delicious goodness of ice cream? The answer is nothing is wrong with the food, but how we process the food.

RFH started out as a journey to understand our food. We like many people in the Real Food Community found out, it wasn't so much the food, but how we process and combined our food for "modern convenience". Heather and Albert's first year on Real Food was literally life changing! It helped bring everything into perspective, and at once we began looking for ways to share Real Food.

This sharing of course came into some snags. Namely, we were surprised that there wasn't a Real Food magazine on the market. Even more, the "modern magazines" just didn't do it anymore. We wanted a magazine that talks about both science and recipes. We wanted a magazine that talks about lifestyle and nutrition. We wanted something for the truly modern person, who realizes that modern is about knowledge and doing the right thing. We wanted a magazine that cares about what we feed our children, not just poison them with over processed sugary substitutes.

Thus the birth of Real Food and Health Magazine. A digital magazine available on e-Reader devices such as the Kindle and PDF.

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Interested in writing for us? View our Article Submission page. This magazine is dependent on strong community members standing up and saying, no to over-processed food and yes to Real Food. We will always seek to include names in the industry and hidden masters who simply live the life. Truly, it is an effort from the community, and we know this magazine would not be here today without articles and support from our wonderful and blessed writers!

Want to submit a recipe? View Recipe Submission guidelines. We focus on including community recipes from around the world!

Want to learn more about us? We are a family business based in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Visit our Editors.

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