Meet Our Editors

Our editors are happy to speak with people about real food and their topics. They started Real Food and Health as an answer to a need within the community and an effort to share the news. We believe in a strong community, and are always seeking to grow our writers with both experts in the field and lesser known names, but experts none-the-less.

Heather Lionelle

Chief Editor

a.k.a. The Woman

a.k.a. Queen Mauve of the Kitchen

Heather is one of the co-owners of RFH magazine. She has worked diligently within the Real Food community, you can commonly find her at conferences while speaking with those in attendance. Part home-maker, part mad scientist, she is probably one of the few business majors at Colorado State University who took honors organic chemistry for fun. (yes, we are still trying to figure that one out.) She is a master in the kitchen, and regularly cooks in an italian family while holding hospitality to her friends, family and even strangers in the highest regard. You know she is a good cook, when an Italian Mother in law can only complement her food during the holidays! Little do they know, Heather has been changing all their food to Real Food.

Albert Lionelle

Assistant Editor, Tech Guy

a.k.a. The Man Who Answers To The Woman

a.k.a. The Renaissance Man

Albert is the other co-owner of RFH magazine. He is also the co-owner of U.S. Soil, inc a family owned and operated Sustainable Agriculture business in operation since 1947. That is correct. Eating healthy, wholesome food is nothing new to Albert, and he travels the U.S. as a professional speaker in agriculture. The place he calls home is the Rocky Mountains which his family has lived in since the 1800s. Outside of his work, he is also a computer guy earning his first master's degree in Computer Science with a focus on biologically motivated systems. He is currently, working on a second masters in Divinity to help satisfy his spiritual curiosity and callings! In his spare time he writes books, directs and acts in community theatre. Did we mention that he met Heather in a fencing class?

Baby Lionelle

The Future Boss

a.k.a. The Squirt

a.k.a. The Dancer

What happens when two people meet in a fencing class, get married, return to the mountains and want to start a family? Well, the family of course. Heather is expecting her first baby come the end of September. Yes, a month after we launch the magazine (it is appropriate to send a prayer / good thought at that idea). The Squirt likes to move. Especially when we play music, and is particularly fond of opera music and broadway. The Squirt also dislikes processed fast food. Namely, it likes to tell Heather that every time she attempts to eat junk food, which just reminds her to keep eating Real Food. Do we have a name picked? Nope. Do we know the gender? Where's the fun in that!