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RFH Magazine is hosted on Google servers, and to increase security, we allow them to handle our sign-in / login process. You don't need a gmail account, but you do need a google account (sign up here) - and you will be directed to their servers to sign in. We only see your email after you have signed in and given us permission to use it.1 We then link your code to your account, so you don't have to reenter it.

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1 What happend to Yahoo! and OpenID? Simply the standards started to change, and we found the two companies branched off in different directions. It made it impossible to simply handle both. If you used a Yahoo! account orginally, we recommend signing up for a google account using your yahoo account. They will automatically link together if the same email is used. If you choose to use a different email, contact Heather, and we can migrate your issues over.