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Bread is Real Food

How many diets are there on today's market? I believe we have all lost count, and even though we try these 50,000 diets, our health and quality of living continues to go down while our problems go up! Is there a solution to this? What if we told you the solution was far simpler than any diet book will tell you? What if we told you, the solution is simply looking at our food and returning to the basics of our grandparents and great-grandparents. Real Food is a solution to the confusion we have about food. However, before we delve into "what is real food", let us first discuss what real food isn't.

Real Food IS NOT:
  • A Diet Program
  • A Total Eating Solution
  • A lot of Effort
  • Bland, without flavor and fat-free (learn more)
  • Complicated


What is Real Food then? It is a way of life. The fulfillment of that simple craving we all have for good healthy lives and food. Real Foodies believe in "getting back to the basics" when it comes to food. We want food that is whole and nourishing. Yes, Some of us love our grains, and it is alright to enjoy a slice of Italian bread with a meal. A Real Foodie looks to follow certain principles, and then everything is fair-game!

Real Food Principles
  • Whole, unprocessed ingredients - the all-star rule
  • Full, healthy fat ingredients!
  • Grass fed / pastured livestock as is appropriate for the animal.
  • Fermented and probiotic food and drinks
  • Soaked or sprouted grains, legumes and nuts
  • Avoid GMO and chemicals whenever possible
  • Localvores when possible.
Greens are Real Food

Good food takes time, we believe in nourishing our family with food made correctly, not in the blink of an eye. That doesn't mean we don't cherish every minute with our families and strive to keep preparation times to a minimum. If someone asked us to describe Real Food in a couple words: Real Food promotes family health and harmony.

Welcome to Real Food and Health Magazine, a place for people who hold the principles of family and health as central to their life together. A digital magazine that is community driven by many experts in simplicity and food. Want more information outside of Real Food and Health Magazine? Visit our Resource Page.

Sit back. Enjoy an issue or two and welcome to the Real Food Revolution!

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